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The 5 Major Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding Planner

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Imagine you’re walking down the aisle, and gazing at your gorgeous partner. The music is not too loud, guests are smiling gracefully, the wedding decor is everything you imagined it to be. You sigh of relief, “Thank goodness I had a wedding planner”.

Choosing to have a wedding planner is a big investment. After the exciting engagement, often a cloud of loom shouts “where do I start?”. That’s the main question that a wedding planner can help you with. They’re there for you to put all your trust and vision to make your wedding the most magical and spectacular event it can be.

Here are the reasons why you should choose a wedding planner:

1. Expenses

A wedding is a great expense. By letting your wedding planner know your budget (if you have one) they can be great at keeping tabs on invoices and how to make your dreams come true with a goal in mind. A wedding planner is an excellent accountant!

2. Peace of mind

As voted one of life’s most stressful events (yikes!) wedding planners are professionals at keeping things calm and tranquil. If you’re thinking of getting married aboard, getting over language barriers, cultural and legal differences are just a few problems that you may run into. Choosing a wedding planner abroad or who had knowledge of a place can ease your mind and reduce your stress.

3. Time

Planning a wedding on your own can not only be stressful but also very time consuming, that it might as well be a full time job. Having a planner means you can hand over the time-consuming jobs such as scheduling appointments, sourcing suppliers and RSVPs. If you’re thinking of a destination wedding, then they can spend time looking for the perfect venue for your special day. No matter if your engagement is long or short, savour every moment.

4. Golden Knowledge

Sure you can google suppliers, but if you are looking for something truly spectacular, wedding planners have incredible knowledge of the industry and first class communication skills. These relationships are extremely special and are built on trust. Every couples love story is unique and is matched with a bespoke list of suppliers. With destination weddings in mind, wedding planners have a long list of recommended suppliers not only for their country but a lot of others, meaning you can expect luxury from all over the globe.

5. From saying “Yes” to saying “I Do”

Wedding planners are with you through your whole journey and are an amazing guide. It’s a relationship you can count on. They will help you coordinate your day, from waking up at sunrise to the midnight dancing! They’re just as excited as you and can’t wait to create a bespoke, personalised wedding for your and your partner.

The Studio Events have expertise on destination weddings with outstanding connections from some of the world’s most elite suppliers.

Still unsure? Pop us an email and we will happily discuss what option is right for you.

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