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Wedding Myths & Traditions

Crying on your wedding day

Some say that crying on your wedding day is bad luck - but in some traditions, crying is a way of cleansing and getting rid of tears before she is married. This then means she will shed no tears in her married life (not excluding the happy ones!).

Wedding Day Rain

It’s supposed to be ironic? Rain in your wedding day might sound as far from idyllic, but in mythology, it actually symbolises fertility and cleansing. If you really don’t want rain on your special day - maybe follow the Philippine tradition and offer eggs to Saint Claire who is the patroness of good weather. It’s worth a try!

Don’t see your partner!

This tradition still holds strong in a lot of cultures around the world today. It was originally so that the couple would not change their minds before saying their vows, however there is an increase of couples meeting up beforehand, taking photos and enjoying their last moments together before saying “I Do”.

Something Old..

If you’ve ever heard of the rhyme, “Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. The ‘old’, is usually given by a happily married woman, who gives you luck and happiness into your new marriage. ‘New’ is to look to the future. ‘Borrowed’ is to give you good luck and ‘Blue’ represents a long lasting relationship. It was also signified that sapphire engagement rings would promise this too.

Silky Dresses

Brides usually avoid velvet in their dresses and often adhere to silk because of it’s rich origin, hoping it will bring them good fortune. Don’t forget about the underwear!

Feeling Sweet

In Greek mythology, it was known that a bride would have a sugar cube placed on her or hidden in her dress so that she was sweet enough for marriage. Or even putting sweets inside the brides bouquet seems to be a popular option.

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