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Wedding Trends 2020

Updated: May 29, 2020

Starting the new year with a sparkly new ring on your finger? Congratulations! Here, at the Studio Events, pride ourselves on creating the most magical experiences, including your wedding day. We have a wonderful relationships with our couples, who help us our our heart and soul in to planning your event. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are our 2020 wedding trends.


If you’re into eco-friendly living and conscious about the environment, this is the perfect trend for you this year. Weddings are usually just a day and with more people being inspired to be more green, less waste is important.

Find a sustainable venue or event something in the great outdoors. Desert and garden weddings are becoming ever more popular.

Flower petal confetti, edible wedding favours and seeded wedding invitations are just simple ways to help the planet. Go seasonal with flowers and lots of vegetarian options for the wedding breakfast. Using candles instead of conventional lights creates more of a romantic atmosphere and saves electricity.

Desert Dreams

Similarly to the sustainable trend, a desert theme is all about enhancing the beauty in the world. This is perfect for an exotic or destination wedding. Especially here, in Marrakech, we have a lot of reasons why your wedding should take place in this magical city.

This theme is perfect for the bride who wants to incorporate a little boho into her day, with a natural palette and beautiful surroundings.

Moroccan Magic

Marrakesh serves as a beautiful backdrop for weddings, whether you want to go all out or keep things beautifully simple. Saying your vows in a romantic riad or a luxurious hotel, your wedding will be one to remember. Moroccan style features rich textiles and elegant decor such as hanging lanterns and abundance of flowers. 

Combine this trend with desert dreams to create a truly magical experience for you and your wedding party by riding in on camels at twilight.


It’s not just about large centrepieces on your guests tables anymore. Create an extravagant table that takes their breath away. Be personal and include texture, colour and various crockery to make your table stand out. Try coloured glass and cutlery, layered plates and various textured tablecloths. Have your guests remember the smallest of details on your big day.


A wedding day can be a tiring one for your guests if there is a lot of waiting around. By having fun, exciting events happen within the day will keep your friends and family talking about your wedding for years to come. Ideas such as liquid nitrogen ice-cream stalls will amaze your guests and watch their favourite flavour come to life.

If you’re having a destination wedding how about including a welcome bag for your guests, will personalised maps, snacks and information about the local area.

Hiring mixologists are becoming increasingly popular and having a signature cocktail of your wedding. Guests will love ordering specially designed cocktails and offer a personal feel.

Have any of these trends inspired your 2020 wedding? If they have, get in touch with us today to start your magical journey:

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