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Updated: Dec 18, 2019


Hidden between the Atlas mountains and the Erg Chebbi desert, are hidden jewels in the ancient city of Marrakesh. Enjoy a landscape with palm trees and emerald pools amongst the terracotta city. Being in close proximity to Europe, this North African country offers versatile mesmerising cultural backgrounds. A fusion of both cosmopolitan life and incredible traditions merged into one dreamy location. Marrakesh is only 3 hours flight from London, Paris or Barcelona.


Its exotic climate is a pure oasis and is just the beginning of your magical journey. A microclimate that is perfect for any occasion. Enjoy sunny weather 300+ days a year, so the rain won’t be pouring on your parade in Marrakesh. 

Beautiful Venues

Dine in the finest riads and walk in the footsteps of kings from around the globe. Welcoming locals have hospitality embedded in their hearts and offer the top service to make your event the most memorable. Dance with your loved ones from sunset to sunrise in extravagant villas. Beautiful titled entrances lead you through archways that make you want to explore. Get lost in palace gardens, home to exotic flowers where some of the world’s most famous designers have gathered inspiration. Every venue has its own magic and with our help we can find the one that’s perfect for you.

Moroccan Gastronomy

A soulful concoction of Berber, Arabic and Mediterranean creates Morocco’s cuisine. The food is rich and inviting, leaving your tastebuds wanting more. Spices are not shy here, and if you’re a foodie prepare for your senses to transcend. Indulge in Morocco’s famous dishes such as tajines, couscous and of course the sweet mint tea. 


By night, the Arabian magic lures, candles lead the way into narrow alleyways and the aromas of spices and oud fill the air. Be hypnotised by snake charmers and intrigued by belly dancers. A city that has brought ancient history to the 21st century, that leaves your guests with unforgettable memories. Let us be the storytellers and create a unique experience tailored for you. 

There’s no place that creates magic like Marrakesh. 

The Studio Events have connections with some of the world’s most elite businesses, providing you with extraordinary at your fingertips. From intimate affairs to grand weddings we will cater to your wildest dreams. 

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